12 Tricks And Hacks To Build A Habit

12 Tricks And Hacks To Build A Habit

We all want to build a habit. The habit could be of anything such as exercising, studying, or eating healthy. Most of us take the initial steps required to build a habit but give up after a certain period of time. Some people appear enthusiastic in the beginning but as time passes their motivation downs.

How habits affect our lives has been a part of research for a long time. Why not, what makes a person successful are the habits and daily practices that we follow. In fact, one can acquire many good habits that can simply transform their life into a dream come true.

Habits are important! Especially in current times as the work from home culture is booming due to the pandemic. Students are forced to take online classes at home. At home, there are tons of distractions. These distractions can seriously hamper your productivity.

Are you also struggling to inculcate a habit? Do you also start a habit but fail to maintain the required perseverance to continue it? I can understand it! Don’t panic! I have certain tricks which will help you to build a habit.

So let’s take a look at 12 hacks to build a habit:

1. Commitment:

You know, research suggests that it takes a minimum of twenty-one days to build a habit. So, whatever the habit you need to inculcate, try to commit to it for at least three weeks by hook or by crook. Know that the initial days may appear tough but once you pass those days, things will start happening on autopilot mode. You won’t need to drag yourself to do the work.

2. Stick to basics:

You know, most of us think that people do extraordinary things to develop a habit. Or we think they are god-gifted. But if you ask those people, they will suggest you stick to basics. They never expect to change their life in one day.

So, if you want to study for eight hours every day, don’t expect it to happen on the first day. Even half an hour is okay for the first day. Moreover, when you are starting a habit, it’s quite natural to get overexcited. But the excitement won’t last long. Chances are high that you will overwork on the first day and then give up on the second day. So, take it slow.

3. Consistency:

Consistency is the key to develop any habit. It simplifies the habit. If you want to study, try to set a specific time for studying. Be specific about the number of hours you will study. Don’t be hard on yourself and commit for four hours straight. It will drain your mind soon and hamper your productivity. An hour or two is good. Don’t forget to take mini-breaks. If you continue this habit at the specified time, you will find it easier to follow it.

4. Reminders:

Setting reminders is a good way to follow a habit. It provides you an extra aid to follow the habit. Place reminders on your cell phone. Once you do this, the only way to miss the habit is to do it purposely. Therefore, it naturally decreases the probability of missing the habit.

5. Find a companion:

Having someone who is also on the same path makes it easier to build a habit. As humans, it is quite natural to lose motivation after a certain time. Therefore, having a companion helps a lot. You both can push and motivate each other to stick to the habit.

6. Attach a trigger:

A trigger helps in getting rid of bad habits. If you want to give up a bad habit, attach a trigger to it. For example, if you want to give up anger, take deep breaths every time you feel an urge to get angry.

7. Replace habit:

This also helps in getting rid of bad habits. For example, if you use to spend a lot of time using social media, replace it with reading a book. If you want to give up the habit of waking up late in the morning, try to wake up early and go for a walk or exercise. Replacing a bad habit with a good one makes it easier to switch.

8. Own the imperfection:

You are a human therefore you may make mistakes. Sometimes, it’s not you but the people around you or any circumstance that makes it harder to follow a habit.

You joined a gym but some equipment is not working there. It’s time for study but you have to go out due to an emergency. These things happen. So, don’t be hard on yourself and strive for perfection.

The goal is to stay on the path. Just because you miss one or two times doesn’t mean you lose the habit. Therefore, try to give your best and leave the illusion of perfection.

9. Positive affirmations:

It is a psychological trick and it works well. Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a negative situation. In those times feeling scared and giving up is perhaps an easy solution. But, it isn’t the right solution.

In those times, if we say a positive affirmation and try to motivate ourselves then it can add wonders to our life. You are stuck in solving a riddle and about to give up. Instead of giving up say ‘if I try a little harder then I may solve it’. You are not good at study and feel pathetic about yourself. Instead of belittling yourself say ‘if I study more then I will score good marks.’ Once you have this positive habit, you will start observing the fruitful outcome in developing a habit.

10. Remove Distractions:

Negative distractions are a big reason people fail to stick to a habit. So, you need to sit back, analyze and change your environment.

You need to quit smoking, but you carry cigarettes everywhere. You need to study harder but your mobile is on the desk, or you need to eat healthily but your kitchen is full of junk foods. Throw the cigarettes and junk foods outside. Keep your mobile in another room while studying. Only then you will be able to build a habit.

11. Know the advantage of habit:

Being clear about the advantages of your habit motivates you a lot to stick to the habit. If you want to exercise, try to know about the benefits of exercising. Read about it online, watch some videos, and if possible buy some books about the benefits of exercising. These little things will motivate you to follow the habit.

12. Understand the journey:

Be clear from day one that building a habit is going to be challenging. You will be tempted to give up tons of time. But don’t! Sometimes you may need to sacrifice other things to stick to your habit. Do that. Some day you may not be able to follow the habit. And that’s okay. Come back strong the next day. But make sure not to give up.

Final Thought

Building habit is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Therefore, it will take time. Be clear about your goal in the beginning. Then take one day at a time. You will definitely build the habit. Take action now!

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