6 Easy And Simple Ways To Cope With Anxiety

*Disclaimer: Do not treat this as a medical advice to treat severe anxiety, seek professional help if necessary.

6 Easy And Simple Ways To Cope With Anxiety

Currently, our planet is going through a tough time! Some countries are severely affected by the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2109(COVID-19). Our country, India is one of the worst affected nations by the deadly virus. The livelihood and health of millions of people are at risk. 

In such challenging times, feeling anxious is quite understandable. Several people are falling prey to anxiety attacks. Are you also one of them? Don’t panic!

There are some simple steps you can follow to get rid of anxiety. Before we explore them, let us understand a little about anxiety first.

In simple terms, anxiety is a troublesome feeling of worry about an uncertain event in the future or something bad happening in the present or past. The common symptoms of anxiety include nervousness, rapid heart rate, sweating, difficulty in focusing, and feeling of panic.

Do you often experience these symptoms? Don’t worry!

Let’s Take A Look At Easy Ways To Cope With Anxiety

1. Deep Breathe

Deep breathing instantly controls anxiety. I believe, one should immediately practice deep breathing while experiencing anxiety. Simply sit down and take a few deep breaths. Continue deep inhalation and deep exhalation through the nose.

Deep breathing can surely help you control your mind and body from anxiety. If you experience anxiety more often, try practicing deep breathing daily. It will help you get rid of negative emotions and keep your mind sane. It helps you focus on the present.

2. Figure Out The Reason Behind Anxiety:

Understanding the root cause behind the anxiety is necessary. It helps you cure the anxiety; otherwise, it will keep coming back and trouble you. Sit back and analyze! What is troubling you? Why it is troubling you? Can you do something about it? Or are you worrying unnecessarily? Write the answers in a notepad. Journaling gives you clarity about the root cause of the problem. 

One more option to figure out the problem is to talk to your loved ones. People often feel that they can deal with anxiety alone. But it’s not true always. Sometimes, you got to ask for help from others. You don’t need professional medical help always. Talking with a loved one about it usually eases off the pressure.

3. Focus On What’s On Your Hand:

A lot of times, people focus on unnecessary things and push themselves into the web of anxiety. These problems are nothing but just a dreadful outcome of negative thinking. This kind of attitude builds unnecessary problems in our life. 

The truth is no one can guarantee about future. So, worrying about it is just like intentionally hitting your head on a wall. However, for a better future, you can take some proactive actions.

If you are worried about losing a job, try focusing on improving the quality of your work. If you are worried about falling ill, try to eat healthily and do exercise. Doing these things doesn’t guarantee you get rid of problems, but it decreases the risk for sure.

Once you develop a positive approach, you can tackle the real problems in a much better way.

4. Change Your Focus:

Sometimes, you can’t do anything about the problem. The more you focus on the problem, the worse it gets to tackle it. Doing this will surely increase anxiety. However, the best solution is to take a break from the problem and channelize your thoughts into doing something other.

Try to engage in doing some creative works such as writing, painting, singing, etc. Listen to some soulful songs. Clean, meditate, read a book or simply go for a walk.

Doing this will temporarily take off your mind from the problem, and when you return, you will be in a much better space to tackle the problem.

5. Take Proper Mental Care

Not many people understand the importance of mental care. But it is necessary! Emotional wellness is more important now than ever before.

Mental care is not just about meditating daily. It is a combination of eating healthy, meditating and exercising, and feeding good thoughts to minds. What you eat, what you feed your mind, and how much you meditate and exercise directly affect your mental stability.

When you actively focus on these things, the chances of facing anxiety issues are less. Even if you encounter anxiety, your mind will be well prepared to face it without harming you much.

6. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy may sound strange, but it helps in coping up with anxiety. Surround yourself with soothing things such as the scent of lavender, candle, incense stick, sandalwood, or chamomile.

The scent from these things activates the required receptors in the brain to ease the anxiety. 

Final Thought

Anxiety is not a serious mental disease. It can be easily cured by following some of the above-mentioned points. However, even after taking the necessary steps, you are not able to cope up with it, try taking professional help.

Sometimes, you may suffer from a major anxiety disorder. Don’t refrain from taking medical help, just because the people around you have made mental illness a taboo! They don’t understand what you are going through. Moreover, mental illness is just like physical illness.

It can be more fatal than physical illness. Therefore, take it seriously and do everything in your capacity to cure it!

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