Every Child Is An Artist

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

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At some point in life, many of us aspired to become some kind of an artist — a painter, a writer, a musician, a dancer, etc. But as we grow up, we become so busy with our lives, that we forget or completely ignore the art from it.

Remember the last time, you created something? You desired to learn something new? or travel to a new place? If it is within the span of the last year, you are doing fine, but if it has been more than one year, you seriously need to think over your life.  

The art is needed to break the monotony of our everyday lives, to make us forget the realities, to keep our hearts young and our brain active. All of it comes from the desire to create, pursue some form of art in our daily life along with our routines.

It gives us freedom of imagination to create, and the ability to think beyond our horizons, a way to dream with open eyes in our realities.  Not only appreciating art but growing with art is a thing to inculcate in our lives. Think if god had not have been an artist, this world would never be this beautiful.

“Art is a companion, take it along with you if you are going far”

A soldier from Kashmir living between the mountains reads the poetry to nature. For him, his beloved girl is nature. His first love and true one. He makes sure to spend a chunk of his day time laying on the grass looking at the sky, watching the first golden ray of sunlight on mountains, listening to the music of moving waters of Indus, reading poetry to the lone mountains standing still until some earthquakes or avalanche shakes off their lives. This helps him to spend his time in the remotest location of India in Kashmir. He carries a gun but he paints too. He gives commands in his strongest voice but he reads poetry too. His eyes are full of rage for enemies but the same eyes carry love for his land too.  

A doctor in Delhi, says, “After I do hours-long surgeries, seeing pain and suffering of people in hospital; I get depressed sometimes. I read before retiring for my day, and also write poems for my patients. It heals them and they cherish it as memories even years after they leave from the hospital”.

Also, a Japanese book says that Art may reduce the rate of development of memory conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease in old age persons. The person who purse art is less likely to be in depression or anxiety. Older people who enjoy art in their lives experience lower levels of loneliness, depression, and reduced morale.

In fact, Art helps to stimulate healthy brain activity and keeping the children’s mind active and sharp. Not even this, it gives opportunities for social connections which increases our confidence and helps us to make new friends.

Just quoting the life of a student preparing for JEE Mains. She takes time to paint at least once every week. It relaxes her mind and helps her to bring down all the pressure of her upcoming exams. She tries different art forms in painting to bring variety and sometimes even relatives buy her paintings.

Not everyone creates to sell, not all write to get recognized, for some it is just their way of living. For some it is just their time to connect to their soul. For some it is a moment to climb their higher self. Youth is an investment of whole life, spend it wisely. Create, learn, and Master your Art.

“Art washes away from your soul, the dust of every day’s lives.” Pablo Picasso

Thank you for Reading this.

See you next Sunday! In case you missed the intro, follow me here.

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1 year ago

I am touched beyond words 🙃 … Your thoughtfulness is a gift How beautiful you have pen down the words.. All i can say is woooowwwww after reading this blog.. How beautiful you capured all the things together.. So touching it was… I loved it.. Waiting for next Sunday 🙂🙃… Keep on going Miss Swati.. 😇 God bless you dear..

Nadeem Ahmed
Nadeem Ahmed(@nadeem-ahmed82)
Reply to  Saurabh
1 year ago

I agree it’s quite provocative to make you think of the things that we have forgotten that truly brought joy to us. At the same time, it is motivating to give it an honest consideration to pursue our dreams and art in our regular lives.

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