7 Signs Of Toxic Friends You Need To Watch Out For

*Understand the signs of toxic friends and let them go for you own good.

7 Signs Of Toxic Friends You Need To Watch Out For

As the famous American journalist and writer said,

”Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”

Edna Buchanan

Not every time our choices are right. Sometimes our choices may backfire and turn our life toxic. 

Friends are a valuable pillar in everyone’s life. If you don’t choose them wisely or move on from toxic friendship at the right time then you may end up turning your life miserable.

Are you also befriended with toxic people? How do you identify toxic friends? 

Sometimes, it is tough to identify the toxic friends in our life. Or even if you know, you keep forgiving them just for the sake of friendship. But, there is a limit beyond which you should not allow anyone to get on your nerve. 

Don’t be afraid to walk away from some people in your life. This might just become one of your toxic habits that you will struggle to deal with later in life.

Let us go through some of the signs of toxic friends.

By the end of this blog, you will be able to identify the toxic friends in your life. Don’t hesitate to filter them from your life.

1. They Give You Bad Vibes

As humans, it is quite natural to go through rough days. Sometimes, due to a bad mood, our friends may end up losing their temper on us. As their friend, you need to understand their situation. Even if they don’t apologize to you, that’s okay.

However, at least your friends should feel that have done wrong to you. They should feel sorry for their behavior. If you don’t get the sorry vibe from them, then it’s time to ponder upon the purity of your friendship!

2. They Put You Down

Pulling the legs of friends is normal. In fact, I feel it is the prime duty of true friends to make fun of their friends.

However, there is a thin line between making fun and putting them down. Making fun is healthy and good for building a strong friendship. If they constantly demean and make you feel miserable about yourself, then something is seriously wrong.

Those people are not your true friends

3. They Constantly Break Your Trust

One of the prime rules of a healthy friendship is to keep secrets. You share your secrets with your friends and trust them to never reveal them to anyone.

Sometimes, secrets may slip out of the tongue. And that’s okay! If it is happening frequently, then it’s a bad sign! If you notice that they heartlessly enjoy sharing your secrets then it’s time to cut ties with them.

4. They Compare You With Others

Every human being is different! Everyone has their pros and cons. Therefore, we should not compare one with others.

A true friend appreciates your pros and helps you fight with cons. They never belittle you by unnecessarily comparing you with others.

If any of your friends does this to you then understand that they don’t wish good for you.

5. They Are Self-Centered

One should never make friends just for the sake of reaping benefits. It’s called selfishness and it is wrong! Nevertheless, true bond works both ways.

If you stand by your friends in their tough times and they leave you alone in yours then it’s quite visible that they are self-centered.

Stay away from them! They only think about their benefits. Such people do not deserve your attention!

6. They Don’t Support You

Friends are meant to laugh your laugh and cry your cry. They celebrate your success and help you to end your sorrow.

It’s not about expecting something in friendship. It’s more about the purity of the bond you share in between. When you have a true friend by your side, then these things happen naturally.

However, if you don’t get that compassion or support from your friends then they don’t deserve a place in your life.

Some people are geniuses in taking help from others but when their turn comes, they just disappear. They start ignoring you or don’t answer your calls. They ignore your texts and suddenly turn up when they need your help.

If you know someone like that then it’s high time that you erase them from your life.

7. They Harm Your Self-Confidence And Self Esteem

Some people may appear as your friends but in reality, all they do is harm your self-confidence and self-esteem.

They question your capability on every little thing you try to do. They may not say you directly but their actions let you feel unworthy but constantly hit your self-respect but act as your friend.

Final Thoughts

Toxic friendship is dangerous!

It harms your mental peace, other relationships and your growth.

You may not notice these things with naked eyes but you can definitely feel them.

Identify those so-called friends and eliminate them from your life. You deserve to live in peace. You deserve real people in your life.

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