So Much Hate – This Can’t Be The Way Forward. Do You Agree?

So Much Hate - What Are We Going To Do With It?

Last week Swati wrote about how the mind has become fragile in the 21st century. Sometimes, even little things in life can push them to the edge that can take them closer to suicide (worst case scenario). Keeping that in mind, I wanted to talk about how the fragility has also caused us to hate more.

We are living in days where the use of technology is inevitable. Either we abandon every device from our lives and live off the land or learn how to responsibly how to use them. Unfortunately, none of them are easier to achieve.

In all fairness, these tech companies’ sole job is to keep us hooked to our devices. They are doing everything in their power to keep it that way. We are constantly being fed with the information or content that we are bound to show more engagement. If I hate something, I am more likely to see such things online and I am going to have a sudden urge to express my dislike towards that.

In the movie, “The Social Dilemma” there are interviews of employees that have worked with companies like FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. They quit those organizations because the original objective of launching these platforms was lost in the way. One of the quotes from the movies is that “the technology that connects us also controls us.”

Whether we like it or not technology is here to stay.

Why Should The Hate End?

Why Should The Hate End?

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, we realized that the entire world is a very small place. In a very short span of time, the whole world was affected. If we don’t learn to live in peace with each other, the world is going to be one harsh region.

It’s important that we learn to accept people the way they are. There are always going to differences of opinion, those reasons shouldn’t drive us to a point that we hate each other.

We have driven apart from each other that even the slightest of noise really pushes us into a corner. Like a cat, we tend to spur and bounce with our sharp claws. Of course, spreading hate always existed the mediums and channels were different. However, the ease at which it can spread now is nearly 6 times higher than what it used to be.

Having said that the chances of damage that we can cause are significantly higher. If we are living in a bubble that the governments, or media, or these social media channels will eventually help us then I hope the lord saves us.

To be honest, as individuals what have we ever achieved through violence and hatred. It has affected us so much that the rise in mental instability is higher than ever before. It hasn’t done anything for the better of the world neither has it done anything that does better for the individual human being.

People that probably succeed by these attributes are big corporations and governments. We are nothing but a commodity in facilitating that process.

Can We Do Something Better?

Can We Do Something Better?

I understand that everyone wants to exercise the freedom of speech and they all are probably right in doing so. But we don’t have to express our opinion about everything that is going on. Think about the fact that by expressing so much hate, who’s life are we changing.

Let’s imagine for a second that we are kind and ensure that someone gets to have a good day by what we say or do. Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

It may seem impossible to make everyone happy in our lives, and I don’t mean to say that we need to live to please people. What I am referring to is the fact that kindness can go a long way. We may come across many people in our day to day life and a simple smile a or kind words can make someone’s day. It’s probably the simplest thing to do.

Think about that person that crosses over in a car or a bike while you are driving, it’s easier sit inside the car and curse at them or may be send out a noisy honk. That doesn’t change their behavior but it does have a impact on us though.

Don’t misunderstand me with the idea that I am asking you to let the wrong be as it is while we sit down smiling. It is equally important to stand up for the right. However, we can always choose to do it with empathy and compassion.

Let us stop the hate because some is from a different belief system. Be it religious, color, caste, social status, or sexual preferences. Everyone deserves the same level of happiness we think that we deserve.

Be the one

I am not looking to change the whole world with this. I just hope that one person out finds it meaningful and is willing to what is necessary to share the love with the world. Although we may not be able to change the world. But then, the world isn’t going to heal by itself. Every act by every individual is going to matter and account for the totality of success.

Do not think that you alone can’t do this, let’s not go with this assumption stop spreading goodness. It may be a tiny drop of water in the ocean. The ocean is made up of such tiny drops. You and I can rather be someone that contributed to change the world in the smallest of the acts. It may not be visible for the world to see but it’s going to mean the world for that one person.

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