Stopping Kids From Using Social Media Can Affect Them Negatively

Stopping Kids From Using Social Media Can Affect Their Career

Social Media is popular for many reasons, one of them is the negative impact on society.

It’s built on AI-based computer platforms designed to keep us entertained. Arguably, it has seemed to have earned a reputation for being evil and responsible for many issues in our society.

There has been a tremendous rise in anxiety and depression among people, especially the young ones. It is obvious that one could easily term it as the worst thing that has ever happened.

The question is, is it really as bad as people say it is?

For example, water is the basic need for human survival and regular drinking is considered necessary. However, too much water can have side effects too. Having said that, something as basic as water can have negative side effects, Social Media can’t be far from it.

The key factor to consider is that excessive indulgence in anything can be harmful for us.

As parents, are we easily shedding the responsibility of watching over the kids on what they have access to? By simply calling it an evil invention and restricting access to it from kids, we are also leaving them vulnerable to its harmful effects.

I understand the reason why some adults see it that way, considering that it has access to a lot of negative stuff and kids are highly impressionable, it could easily sway them towards wrong things. Only times and technology has changed, at every generation, there’s always access to such content.

How Does No Access To Social Media Can Affect One’s Career?

How Does No Access To Social Media Can Affect One's Career?

By restricting access to Social Media to kids, we are restricting them to learn the etiquette of communicating on such platforms. In other words, if you don’t socialize kids, they would never learn how to interact with other people. They’d probably end up growing with social anxiety.

Similarly, kids who haven’t learned how to communicate through such channels will find it difficult to handle interactions. In modern society, more and more companies interact with their customers (or potential) on social media.

In the last few months of working with some of the small businesses that are in e-commerce generate the majority of their sales through these channels. As a result, they hire professional help only to manage their social media accounts.

In fact, companies make major announcements through social media. Whether it’s a new product release or structural changes in the organization. The other day, Cloudflare (Tech giant) announced a global Internet outage on Twitter. I learned it there and read the news later on one of the news websites.

So, what can the kids really lose out on?

1. Professional Opportunities

Professional Opportunities

As mentioned earlier, many companies hire the young generation to handle their social media accounts. Of course, bigger brands look for agencies that have a proven record of successfully handling campaigns.

However, small businesses usually have a tough time managing these platforms and end up spending an awful amount of time. That takes away their productive time and hence affect their business improvement opportunities.

Keeping that in mind, these small organizations usually look for young adults that are usually tech-savvy and are keeping up with what’s trending.

Managing social media accounts doesn’t mean that you would only post pictures and share them with followers and the world. It requires planning, strategizing, research, and competitor analysis, there’s a lot that happens other than what we know it does. It’s a chance to enhance skills and master it to become experts.

It has also become the most favorite freelance work that gives independence to freely work without having a specific employer. This can fuel their additional studies and pursue their dreams in case this is not what they are aiming as a long time career.

2. Social Media Influencer

Influencer Marketer

Tiana Wilson, a successful YouTuber at just the age of 10. Her channel ( has over 11 million subscribers which are a huge thing. Lorenzo Greer runs a channel with the name @tekkerzkid on YouTube with over 1 Million Subscribers. Vaibhav Choudhary is started at the age of 15 has helped over 500 celebs to manage their social media accounts.

These are just a few examples of young social media influencers who use technology to their advantage. The world and times are changing, we have to adapt to the new ways in a healthy way. While these platforms can severe negative impact but they also bring in a lot of value as well.

There are so many Instagram accounts that promote wellness, spirituality, education, and several other personality development aspects. We can always choose to focus on the good.

3. Learning To Use It Wisely

One should learn to use social media wisely

It’s the basic human nature, when you ask anyone not to do something there are higher chances that they will do just that. Restricting kids from accessing these channels will only force them to secretly access them and are left vulnerable to the negatives.

If you don’t teach a kid to respect others they are less likely to learn on their own. When you don’t teach your kids basic table manners, they are less likely to develop any. The same rules and principles that apply hear, as parents, you should be able to adapt to the new generation and improvise on how to handles these aspects of modern day life.

Dealing with children and teenagers is probably the toughest part in parenting. That doesn’t mean that we become a dictator or a pacifist and let the kids on their own.

4. Safe Interaction

Safe interactions on social media are important.

We like it or not, kids are going to find access to social media apps and websites. That’s inevitable. Parents can only police them only so much. If the kids don’t learn how to handle communication and interaction on these platforms, they are prone to a few harsh things.

There’s a lot of hate and bullying that exists on social media. The young user will either end up reflecting that hate on somebody or they will be subject to such behavior themselves. It’s no different from facing the same situation at school or college.

These channels can be subject to a higher degree of such acts because sitting behind a phone screen and not knowing the other person can make it really easy to comment on someone and forget about it.

We got to teach the kids to be aware of such people and teach them to handle content online respectfully. It’s bound to happen that we may not like a particular type of content, or maybe someone is just starting up and still learning to make one. Regardless of what the situation is people don’t hesitate to express hatred or rude behavior.

Let’s conclude here…

This post isn’t meant to say that the kids should be allowed to use social media to fit their whims and fancies. Instead, it is to bring to your attention that they are taught how to use these platforms to their advantage. They need to know responsible and respectful ways of handling information and chatter online.

Don’t leave the kids on their own and expect them to handle these channels in a good way. The virtual world has pretty much the same rules as the real world. It’s like a parallel universe. We teach the kids to respect people in real life, so why not teach them to use Social Media the same way.

To reiterate, there’s negative content everywhere these days, however, the impressionable kids should learn to deal with such things. Especially because there are many advantages to that as well.

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This is an interesting read. I’m so glad I can finally read your blog. I noticed once I tried through wordpress, it wasn’t connecting.

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